It’s important to have a task, she said.
I’ve always questioned the phrase as I already had and have one.
Only because the task doesn’t generate currency in the form desired by many, doesn’t mean the task is unimportant.

The job I choose is fulfilled in rewards of that currency. The job that I choose has now be fulfilled feeling that current. I feel I don’t belong because I can’t be myself. Constantly playing a role, keeping in…. – what makes me exited.

Time to step out of the role. To inspire to sparkle and shine, that’s my task.
To tell the story, one of many, inspire to new adventure, breaking the lock.

Time to be loving and be my true self. Worry is that I make a mess in the system choosing freedom. I can trust myself that things will go beyond the daily routine, inspiring others. Losing fear is to stand and tornish hierarchy, not fighting against but pushing the wave.

Release comes from my tensioned back muscles, releasing thoughts. Release will come, breaking free.

Telling my life story will open up. Being honest, always, an advice that I now have to give myself. Being honest sometimes will hurt someone close. Being honest is easiest to overcome.

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