Levels of What

Hi there and welcome to this delightful, lovely, educational, strange, life changing, bizare, unearthly peace of literature. You might wonder where this story will start, end or even what the middle is going to be like. Well let’s start with birth, or so we call it, language is sometimes not the best tool to explain things but it’s quite handy to pass on information to a large group or even an individual human. Birth the beginning, the creation of something new. Something that we would say will have a story, as it can be birth of anything; a child, an idea, a piece of art, the beginning and creation of a story. This book has now been born. The story written within will be called its life and for you, the reader, it’ll be history.

Once upon a time there was nothing, absolutely nothing, the most nothing you can possibly imagine. Because there is nothing there are also no boundaries, no rules, therefore the nothing holds everything. Anything imaginable can be created out of nothing.

Let’s look at something average, a man 35 years old, married, two kids living in a house in a block with other houses which are the same as his house, just differently decorated on the inside. He has a 40 hour a week job selling all sorts of stuff from a warehouse. He has an average middle class salary, 4 weeks a year holiday, or better said days that he doesn’t have to go to work, on top of the public holiday like Easter and Christmas. The family is doing alright, children are at school and his wife does the house cleaning and cooking beside her part time job. I’m pretty sure most people will know a person like this and maybe it’s even you. Now let’s take a look around, where are you? Look at the things around you, how do these things come into existence, what is it made of? No really to its smallest molecular level, what is it made of?

Now I do believe you can have an okay average life and could be averagely happy, but it’s not very excited is it? If you’d at the end of your life would pass on your story, would it give you a sense of fulfilment and uniqueness, would you be proud and look back with joy? If you see yourself as this average person and the answer to the last question is Yes, then I would advise you to put this book aside. There might be things in here that you would you wish you didn’t know if you want to keep hold of your average life.

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