Hi my friend, it’s been a while that I’ve written to you.
In this level again, a level that I know, where I was stuck, no longer.

I found softness, the gentle strokes trough my long hair comforting myself with trust and self confidence. Smooth and gentle, loving, moving forward. Picking myself up where I lost track, drowsy from wonderful nights combined with the wonderful rush of the day.

Two worlds that clashed, sorrow from both sides cancelling each other.
Looking up at the violet skies seeing tomorrow visioned in my mind.
Looking at my hands, my fingers, my knees, my toes.
Knowing that what is invisioned can be brought to light.

Work, the tasks, the study, social, family all mixed into one.
I wish life wasn’t rushing here and enjoy the moments longer.
Life like jumping trough hoops being at more places at the same time.

Towards the moment of freedom.

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