New Day Come

Swiftly the chameleon slides in and make itself one with the woodwork.
I see you, let go, show your true colour you don’t have to hide.

We could rock away
Leading, walk away
Do you understand?
Do you know what I say?

Come through the flicker of the sun with me
Hanging out, come to the center of the sun with me
Saying “We could rock with our rhythm wise”

Tan lines no longer hidden behind the silver screen.
The tin man surrenders his arms.
Leaving nothing but the memory on the window sill.

Break free not to run but move the other way.
Bring the gift that is forgiving.
The flickering light in the background,
Steady and surely.

It’s all about the timing.
Swaying trough the ballroom, twirling swiftly, dancing like the wind.
Tic Tac, tap the shoes on the wooden flooring.
In perfect time, attune with the current of life.

Re-surfaced in gaia’s channel of Birth, unveiled what is.
Ferus is the house of presents past.
The long line takes me back into the depths,
the depths home to the Whale.

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