like an adult

All is in the excitement, child like,
in the pure joy of the moment.
Can I not dance and sing?
Do I have to be the adult, so serious?

I’ll rather be mature.

Look after one another,
be the beacon of trust & security.

In my own way.

Let the beacon guide the ships…..,
the ships full of merchants trading their goods.
Treasure in the attention of the rhythm,
abundance rolls in with every wave.

Another day in paradise.
Examined by unearthly eyes.
Deep brown & light blue……,
we stare at each other.

Aren’t we not both weird?

Where not sure of each other,
can we be friends?
She locks her eyes on me,
I know what she wants….

It’s behind closed doors today.
I’m sorry but there is nothing else to give.
In disappointment she slowly steps away.
I follow her but fence does us part.

In the distance I see her,
the white ring of feathers around her neck.
I wave farewell for another day….,
the day when the barn doors are open….,
….. the doors at the petting zoo.

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