Time machine

The knob turned to 6000 years in the past my hand hovers over the big green button, on which it says in big bold letters GO!

I hover but do not push. My rational thinking becomes aware. Traveling 6000 years in a split second, should you not be prepared?

I have to learn about the wild animals, the bandits, the road. When I go 6000 years back in time in this modern age, I should now how to connect the both.

I’ll be back in time where life is slow, whilst the daily going of today still rushes around me. Encounters to be met.

Fill my pockets with their sense of reality.
Fill my knowledge with those of my ancestors.

Time is needed.

I place the safety glass back on the button. Leaving the dial where it is.
I step out of the machine to retreat in books of knowledge. Prepare myself physically and mentally, learning the competence of an old long forgotten art.

Once in a while I peak out to the time machine to make sure it’s still there. Daydreaming of that moment that I’ll push GO!

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