I brush her smooth, silk hair “your such a sweetheart” I whisper in her ear. She with her soft and warming heart, “can I ask you for your help today?” Reserved she nods, “I’ll be kind” I thank her, my hand moves subtle over her skin. Follow me I’ll guide the path, she knows the way better then me. She knows a lot of things that are still unknown to me.

Together we lapse around the carousel. New to this all, with her I felt at ease on this disagreeable ride. Not in balance, the drum missing the beat.
Yet I was pleased and thankful for her valuable lesson. Thank you Kruimel see you soon.

Soon came, I waved “hi sweetheart” walking past. Today I would learn from a different breed. Masculine, stubborn a playful gentlemen, eager to work. He gives me a nudge to put me to the test. I felt the connection, we will be a good team. Set out to the carousel, in balance, in the rhythm, riding with ease, arms wide in flow with movement. Only a second lesson, I feel confident in the progress made.


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