A healthy EGO

Why is it so goddamn difficult! And it is not god to blame, this is the ego who wants and wants. Eat and eat but not the healthy stuff only the stuff to hide. From what you ask? Hide from this inhuman life with it’s inhuman tasks. From this demanding life, demands for things that don’t bring you anything.

A healthy ego is the start, a healthy body will bring a healthy mind. One of ease that can stop the treadmill and enjoy even this life. The struggle to do is real, the forbidden fruits tempting, lingering, advertised. Move away from those stores that sell everything except goodness. The shiny neon letters, the in your face commercializing.

Back to the land of fresh veggies and home made. Time is wasted on screens searching for mind peace. Nutritious supplies that cost little more effort and bring so much more joy. Time is wasted on frustrations of a daily job echoing into a restless evening and a dreamless sleep.

Dropping it all and escape the world has been a temporary fix to ease the muscles and quiet the mind. Back in the rush I can now see myself being swept away. Together among the sheeps following a hurt without a leader.

Promise myself I’ll turn to the healthy habits with that tremendous reward for a joyful effort. Promise me I will do so, reflecting the expectancy with inspiration.

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