Mysterious as you’ll always be. Wondering about the romance, drifting away in thoughts of where you’ll be. What life you have lived, what things you’ve learned. When is to point a frame in time that is already set. She the harpist moves her fingers swiftly following the waves. Calmness is where we settle in the long grass.

Go! says my mind, rise and I smile. This warm gooey feeling coming from inside. What is there, what is on my path, I pursued the detour and now the signs of life stand tall on this forgotten road.

My ego want’s to have it’s say; I am thankful, he says falling down on his knees.

Off course we are, for everything and everyone, for all that you can’t see. We’re close to take that step even though it doesn’t always seem that way. I’m gentle and you’re most gentle as you can be.

I’ve got a desire and I’ve grown afraid of it.

Let there be your desire as that desire as always has given you creativity.

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