Another Dimension

Can I ask you for your perception, on how life works for you?

What the soul writes interpreted by a human cerebrum.
Read differently in another frame of time.
Where the light bulbs above my head have changed their colour.

The veil past and gently shaken hands.

Promenade, shoes clicking on the granite floor past lego houses.
The same but not as they where before.
Real and the same but not anymore.

Trees who shine, vibrate, alive as you part of endless.
Sensations of a dimension that was always there.
Seen through my very eyes.

In the same conversation, the filter drops, imperfections, a smooth skin and eyes so bright.

Coalescing on the divine.

Switching same but different the persona before the veil.
Forgotten drowsy of what one is.
Whilst confused in disbelief.

Telepathy answered by a gesture and even a voice.
A simple thank you, for my cheering thoughts.

There is where it all melts together,
the joy of being human again.
Carried by the burden of thoughts revisited by previous episodes.

Living IN the dream seen from cities of lights through the spheres.
Passing messages to change once’s focus.
Gently pulling the reins as I am the writer of the horse.

Bring the perfect fuel to burn to fertile ash.
Where new life can grow, let it be this life!
Surrendered in the joy of light.

If only I could choose to take the leap into the dimension of choice, I would have. But a few simple rules require hard work.

Accept the pain as relief to unsolved burdens, crawl into these spaces within yourself and find their deepest treasure.

Light years away if that would be a thing, connected so close and yet so far away. It questions himself where he will go unfolding being only a beacon of light.

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