Serious depression

Light shines in the dreamers eyes when awoken on the vast plain where he had been lost. The last weeks had tarnished his self image. The wild gusts and the tormenting rain sweeping over dry earth. Searching for direction but not able to see in the far distance with his eyes focused on the ground.

It had all started when an unexpected mountain arose before him. On his quest he carried a box. This box had been given as a present by the old magician. He had said; You shall carry this with you but you shall never look inside. The dreamer had promised. Looking up to the immense mountain that has risen before him. He started the climb but the top seemed impossible to reach. Each day he had tried to go up different angles but steep cliffs and thick stinging bushes had blocked the way.

He had surrendered in despair with nothing more to loose his eye fell on the box. Curious for it’s contents he started fiddling with the lock. It was some kind of code for him to figure. There where 7 shiny crystals aligned which could be turned left and right. Turning them one by one he heard a soft click and the box opened. Little spheres of energy came floating from the opened lit. Reflected in the light he could see something that looked like dark ink swirling in water. The weather changed, thick fog was moving in, thunder rolled upon the mountain.

He could no longer see where he was, voices came from the fog. You can’t climb that mountain! Turn back you’re not good enough! (All the dreamer could think is; what are these guys on about?) He had wished he hadn’t opened the box his already miserable situation had now turned to worse. The cold crept on his body shivering bound on the rocks. Closing his eyes from the darkness to move inside. The inside where the warmth is of his heart. Spreading the flames throughout his body but he couldn’t find his inner voice. (was still there all the time but wouldn’t listen)

He couldn’t hear himself above the heavy rain and the thunder (see), the voices kept screaming at him like a buzzing swarm. (soo annoying) In among the terrible noises was a whisper, shy and afraid. (the sweetheart) It sounded like it came from the box and the dreamer looked inside. There was a little sphere in yellow and blue, he took it out of the box and helt it in his hands. The voice whispered, do you remember your dream? Look to the distance there is still light.

Look upon the mountain and imagine the path, stand tall. Feel the rain wash away the voices, connect to inner earth and keep the head tilted. The little sphere grew bigger and bigger it moved through his body until the sphere was bigger then he and surrounded him completely. Ease fell over him and could see the marks of the path signposted on the mountain. He turned and looked at the dark clouds. I’m much stronger then you tried me to believe. And we smiled and waved them away 🙂

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