Why make a resume?

The continuous flow of infinite energy.
Energy never ends, It simply transforms.

Bullet list of your competence.
Open to be shot by many.

How dreadful it is too make such a thing.
Doing it because I have too,
the promised candy not sweet enough.

Why would I make such a thing!
not for that job, not for money!

Only and lonely for myself.

Praise myself be honest about what I can do.
Share my vision, don’t limit myself in the amount of paper.
Do it for me, give myself value!

The time and effort I take to value myself, by selling myself, opens my true value. Open up to receive, because when keeping myself behind a locked door, I can’t expect you to come knock, asking for me.

The materialistic world will move to the sound of your whistle, rolling like the waves of the ocean. The work we need to do is the work for ourselves to help others.

I am back on the treadmill and enjoy running, my resume…. www.itisnietmoeilijk.nl

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