Note to self

Standing on the same intersection as where my first blog stranded.

Who am I writing this for?

Is it to perform my best writing to show others how good I might be. For me never good enough striving to be the best. Whilst there is no best in personal stories. Only the story itself, how it’s written, does that really matter? It would have been nice if something of my old blog was still available somewhere. There has been a point in life where I said, I don’t need those physical memories they are all in my head!

That’s how became careless about photo’s and things I wrote. And looking back I wish I had kept some. Wouldn’t it be nice coming to an old age when I start to forget things perhaps that I can look back at my life story and bring back the lost memories.

“I am writing this for myself!”

That doesn’t mean that I’ll write things differently now. I do appreciate my own writing. And I like to use not the everyday words like latin, ancient greek, old english or any other self made up words. Perhaps I’ll incorporate more dialog’s which I have with myself.

Now there’s the commitment, yes I’ll keep this one alive! There’s a few reasons why I had started this blog, one being telling the new zealand story and the other to join the long riders guilt. And… I got inspired by someone close.

The long riders guilt is a group of people who have ridding at least a 1000 miles on a horseback. The group, some of who are true legends, inspire to become authors, an aspiration I share. And to learn writing is to do writing, heaps of it! This post has been typed not written, and I noticed there’s quite a bit of difference between the both. And in my handwriting I can see who of my personalities wrote it 🙂

And then all of a sudden a butterfly enters the room and sets herself down on my leg. “What is it that you want to tell me little friend?” One day I’ll speak butterfly, trust me, but today I can only guess.

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