Breaking the habit

After a life by the book of dutch culture I can now look back with gratitude, having explored the other side of my world. I had leveled up in the bussyness of life to have achieved the dream, well the dutch dream that is. The house, the “fancy”car, the girl and the cats. Working both we had nothing to complain there was enough money to make life easy. The house stuffed with all the things we desired. I worked as project leader in IT for an international company and lived the life as “normal”

A dream for both of us was to travel to New Zealand, saved up and planned we travel to the other side of the planet. Exploring the lands in a spaceship as a tourist visiting the highlights. Returned at work after a 2 months holiday I question myself; What if I’m 60 years old and I would be still sitting in this office, would I be happy, would I feel fulfillment of my life? She on her turn kept asking “what is it that you want?” I answered in return “I want to go back to New Zealand” And that is how a 10 year relation came to an end.

I returned to live with my parents for a while and saved money for now my one-way travel. Prepared with a blog called I was destined for adventure. My plan to live the van life and settle in Wanaka as being my favor of my exploration. Undone from material possessions to big to carry, I waved friends and family goodbye.

“I think it is time,”
Said the dandelion seed,
“to take on the wind.”

I started in Auckland everything prepared as a true dutch traveler does. My visa sorted, IRD number, creditcard, money in the bank, the bus and hostel booked. I had planned to buy a van and travel first before settling somewhere. I stayed in the YHA on queenstreet where I met such good friends, Meike, Marilyn and mister five finger shoe, Max. We made such a good team together, going for a fancy lunch on waiheke island, which I insisted on and paid for the poor backpackers. My pockets where filled from the work in the business. I had planned to leave Auckland quick but these friends I ended up staying a month.

Finally I had bought my van, $6000 justified by “a well I better make sure it’s a good one.” And so I hit the road, suddenly I was all on my own. I started traveling the east coast via Pahia, bay of islands. Staying in paid campsites, as I did during my last travel, most of the time I found no connection to spent the nights in loneliness. I hicked the day walks to become longer and longer a 10 hour journey more usual then normal.

Staying on the bank of rainbow falls, reading a book, going for a swim. I’ve seen many falls but this one stands out, such a loving energy, what else to expect from a place that is called the rainbow. In the joy of the moment I posted a picture on facebook “I’m at the rainbow falls in Kerikeri!” Not much later I receive a message “Hi, I’m Vera an old neighbor of Hans your colleague from Hager, do you want to join for a bbq?” Off-course I did and so I ended up meeting the family and staying on their driveway for the night. Thank you beautiful souls, after the time alone this was a true blessing, I felt so happy. I kept traveling the east shores to hihi beach an astounding place for there to cross to the west.

view from my camp spot on hihi beach

On my way I picked up Tom and Selena with their guitar and amazing voice I drove to Tāne Mahuta the lord of the forest. Where short acquainted fellow travelers warmth the air with mesmerizing sounds.

Tāne Mahuta the lord of the forest

Moving up following the west I readied myself to climb the volcano of the North.

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