Cat-and-dog weather

High above clouds descending into the valley to set foot on the soil of Queenstown. Shopping for new gear, a tent and sleeping bag life is different without the van. Listening to the troubadour, warm in the sun on a bed of grass for the hands of time to point the arrival of my friend and colleague Bob and his girlfriend Jessie. They had planned their 3 week holiday from start to finish. As true tourist, pick up the rental, explore the city, picture stopping to drive to Milford sound.

That you can’t plan the weather sinks in when we arrive in te Anau. The program stated Keplar track, the forecast stated pouring rain. We have to stick with the program, huts are booked. Grocery shopping was another success; cans, fresh fruit and vegetables to haul up the track.

Soaked and heavy pacing trough the green. The forest flourishes in the ceaseless shower. Trees and bush alive, reaching out their branches to catch every drop. Birds didn’t seem to bother, neither did I. Swimming in the air to reach the warmt of fire. Deserved I lay my feet to rest.

Bob, Jessie and me at the second hut.
The soaked shoes at the end of the day.

Unfortunately Bob and Jess hadn’t had the same experience and so Routeburn got cancelled. A few days more getting around by car, to say goodbye to the lovely couple and settle myself for Wanaka.

Peak season, all hostels fully booked. Two weeks waiting for the next available bed. I pitched my little one person bright orange tent at the campground. Looking for a job because I had chosen this place for longer to be.

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