Little plan on where to go next I followed the shores of the west to visit Waitomo and it’s renowned caves. Floating on the mild current in the depths of the earth. My eyes register the thousands of little lights. Glow-worms all around me a trip in wonderland.

Clueless driving around the north island, Rotorua, Taupo, I end up at the crossing. Yet again the weather was dreadful, against advice I took my chances. A surreal experience, the hike not being the challenge. The devils staircase easily overcome. To step on the big plain in thick fog not able to see an arms length in front of me. Poles with orange flames mark the way. In a landscape of green and yellow lakes, black stone. Smell of sulfer fills my nostrils. Alone in nothingness.

I stayed in Turangi woofing for a small hostel. Making the beds, checking in guests and play card games until I memorized every fold and stain in the deck. In bright sun only one little cloud the break the blue, I set foot on Tongariro for a second time to top mount doom. Buses now occupy the parking to do the crossing in a cue. Devils staircase like an escalator. Together with many others to the top, still the view was worth it.

The big nothing, now without the fog.
Mount doom
View on Taranaki from mount doom

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