Father and Sun

When decided that I would come to the Netherlands my Father and I had already decided that we should build a Pizza oven in the garden. I had seen many in New Zealand and had helped build some myself. Well today is the day to show you what we have build.

Extending the existing wall as the support for our oven, it quickly was extended to become an outdoor kitchen. Making the wooden formwork to poor concrete as the base. Concrete mixed with balls of clay for the heat to disperse.

Next layered with fireproof bricks to start building the actual oven from kassei in dutch translated to a child’s head because of the size.

Finishing the work of art by putting brick wool over the top and a layer of plastering to make it whole.

The kitchen completed with an old sink our private restaurant ready to serve it’s first guests.

Fire in the hole!

a touch from mum’s decorative qualities is to feel truthfully in Italy on dutch soil.

with love,

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